Solo Exhibition “Line 線” @V54, Hong Kong. 6 ~21 Jun 2020

世界, 總在一晃眼的瞬間變了樣.
這一「剎那」, 便成了「現在」, 究竟時間如直線流過, 還是會循環不息?
從早春到初夏, 2020年V54的首個藝展, 與你連成一線.

社區藝術展覽 Community Arts Event
「LINE線」Ayumi Adachi Solo Exhibition
日期 Date: 6-21/6/2020
地點 Venue: V54 駐留大宅 Art Residence
(香港跑馬地山村道54號 No. 54, Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong)
免費入場 (需網上登記)
Free Admission (Online registration required)

節目查詢 Inquiry: (852) 2277 8209

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Admission Free . Visitor need to register !

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節目查詢 Inquiry: (852) 2277 8209



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日藉藝術家 Aymui Adchi 首度與保良局社區青年藝術計劃合作,並運用V54駐留大宅呈現全新裝置藝術創作,展覽將延續藝術家遊走日本、台灣等地的創作歷程與體會,以其對線條的獨特觸覺,嘗試在V54這幢歷史建築裡梳理出生命循環的迷思。




“Line” is an installation art project newly curated with resigned materials from experience of past works by the Japanese visual artist, Ayumi Adachi. It is the first collaboration of the “Community Youth Art Development Scheme” and the artist, by presenting the impressive art piece of 2D drawing artistically transformed into 3D installation at V54.

The process of creating paper work are divided in few acts, including drawing straight line, crumpling of paper and its spreading into a curve ultimately. It represents the complicated dealing and circumstances of human life in a certain period of time, eventually inspiring audience to look into moment of the Passed, Now and the Future!

Guided tour and youth workshop will be arranged. Please stay tuned for details.

Canceled ! // Solo Show @ enoco, Osaka, Japan , 5 ~10 MAY 2020

In accordance with preventive measures against the further expansion of the coronavirus,I have to announce cancel of Solo show @ enoco, Osaka, Japan from 5-10 MAY.

My artwork are looking froward to meet your soon under fresh and safety on this beautiful ship “earth”.

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Participate! Artist support pledge hk

My artwork are participating campaign 「#artistsupportpledgethk」

Please visit my artwork !!


在新冠病毒對藝術市場的影響範圍中,許多的畫廊與美術館紛紛休館,在歐洲更有不少畫廊結束營運。由藝術家Matthew Burrows發起「#artistsupportpledge 」互助購藏活動,希望減輕因為新冠病毒而加重的生存壓力。這個計畫的概念與執行方式很簡單,藝術家將自己作品的圖像發佈在社群軟體Instagram上,並且以不超過200英鎊的價格出售(不含運費)。任何人都可以購買作品,每當一位藝術家的銷售額達到1,000英鎊時,他們都會承諾在另一位藝術家的作品上花費200英鎊。台灣藝術家王建揚於臉書上分享了這個計畫的資訊之後,隨即也與其他希望響應活動的藝術工作者們發起了「#藝起加油ART #artistsupportpledgetw」計劃」。

The outbreak of the COVID-19 brings tremendous impact to the art market. Galleries closed down, and museums stopped service, exhibition and art fair cancelled. Sussex-based artist Matthew Burrows initiated Artist Support Pledge (#artistsupportpledge) to relieve artists immediate need in adversity. In the campaign, everyone can buy the art pieces. Once an artist’s sales reaches 1000 British Pound, he/she will spend 200 British Pound on other artist’s artpiece within the campaign.

The campaign launched in Taiwan recently, after artist Wang Chien Yang posted about this campaign on his Facebook, he and other Taiwanese artists also started this campaign and named it as 「#artistsupportpledgetw」


Ripple 波紋 2Ripple

this artwork SOLD!

Red moon
Ripple 波紋 17Ripple~ 波紋~