“COLLABORATE AND CONNECT” Participate @Lacuna Festivals

Art Festivals directed by The Lacuna Studios.

Lacuna Festivals run an annual, international, contemporary arts festival in the Canary Islands, Spain.


Back by popular demand (suggested this year by Patrick Rogiński and others) is our artist collaboration project!Work on top of, underneath or with existing imagery from another artist’s creative practice to create a collaborative finished piece connecting you artistically across the distance, even though you may not have ever met!Through this process you may encounter a subject matter, artform, material or technique that is unfamiliar or even totally unknown to you. And this is all part of the fun! In this project you are inviting someone else to complete a piece of your work without restrictions and at the same time taking on the same challenge. This all happens digitally, of course, so you don’t actually lose the original work. It’s win-win! Have a look here to see the results from last year’s collaboration project.


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Day 1:  https://www.instagram.com/p/CPcJ4_bg6N8/
Day 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPcKPhxAQpN/

Story of Material : https://www.instagram.com/p/CPe8MxjgIqq/

Day 3: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPcKPhxAQpN/

Video Artwork ” Line ” screening on D-Normal/V-essay expanded program in June 《平地數碼》六月膨脹學習見面系列 @19 JUN 2021ine” screening

My Video Artwork “Line ” screening

Dn/Ve screenings  on 19 June 2021 @ Floating Projects (JCCAC)

here’s the event detail:  http://floatingprojectscollective.net/events/marathon-video-screening-brushstroke/

Screening Brushstrokes #1 放映不足(一)12nn-2pm (19th June 2021 , GMT +8)

  1. [Round 1] Klaus Capra: l’altro cielo (dream warrior) | 2m38s
  2. [Round 1] LI Bin David 李彬 : i am also here “FDF” 我也在這 “FDF” | 3m12s 
  3. [Round 1] WONG Sin 汪倩 : Wander to here 散步到了這裏 | 3m40s
  4. [Round 3] Teresa LEUNG : Three episodes of urban hiccups: Jump, walk, kick 都市三集: 跳、走、踢| 6m10s
  5. [Round 1] ZHENG Tianyi 鄭天依 : When the kite has no wind 當風箏沒有風 | 5m7s
  6. [Round 3] 徐皓霖 Hou Lam Tsui :  bae, I’m so sad bb 我真係好傷心呀| 35s
  7. [Round 1] 黃點點/藍釦子 Yellow dot dot/BLUE BUTTON : Be recognized as a person 被承認為一個人 | 2m8s
  8. [Round 3] Thomas LEUNG : What are lucky 幸運是你| 4m52s
  9. [Round 2] Joshua McGregor :Opera of the Kettle | 5m03s
  10. [Round 3] Heidi E Cooper Bassam : âbi | 4m23s
  11. [Round 2] CHEUNG Yan-yi 張欣怡 : Daddy’s Foot corn 啊爸嘅雞眼| 4m 05s
  12. [Round 2] Wai Yue NG : White Wine Black Coffee| 1m33s
  13. [Round 3] Claudius Dorner: a hole in the sky | 3m5s6
  14. [Round 3] Ayumi ADACHI : Line | 9m 20s

Total Run time: 58m

We will go through all these video and start chatting afterwards.

Here’s the online conferencing link.   the zoom room will open on 19th June (Sat) 1pm GMT+8  Some of you are coming to our space.  but some of you can only join online chatting session . 


12nn – 2pm 
Special Selection by FPC jurors, with participating video essayists meeting the audience, convened by John Chow 周皓風主持

D-Normal/V-Essay committed to ADC’s Arts Go Digital 3 editions of on-line video zine with Issue #3 in preparation, to be uploaded on 30 June. As a meaningful extension to encourage more friends to embrace creative expression with images and sounds, June will be a learning season for a variety of of interest:

《平地數碼》網上錄像誌,承香港藝術發展局 Arts Go Digital 藝術D平臺的支助,共三季出版公開徵集、鼓勵發表的錄像文章,第三輯已在整理當中,將於6月30日準時上載。與此同時,為鼓勵錄影文章成為更廣泛的表述方式,6月份將陸續有多個見面活動,打開影像和聲音在創作表述上多姿多彩的可能性。請考慮參與以下的活動。

Daily Creative project “21 days” 19 MAY ~ 8 JUN 2021 @Hong Kong and JAPAN, collaboration with kijinichijo

Daily Creative project
“21 days”
19 MAY ~ 8 JUN 2021
@Hong Kong and JAPAN
Collaboration with kijinichijo

Kijinichijo @shimizu_nichijo 

19 MAY 2021

20 MAY 2021

21 MAY 2021

22 MAY 2021

23 MAY 2021

24 MAY 2021

25 MAY 2021

26MAY 2021

27 MAY 2021

28 MAY 2021

29 MAY 2021

30 MAY 2021

31 MAY 2021

1 JUN 2021

2 JUN 2021

3 JUN 2021

4 JUN 2021

5JUN 2021

6 JUN 2021

7JUN 2021

8 JUN 2021

Show extend to 6 JUN!!! “Setsuna 刹那” 2 MAY~2 JUN 2021 , Postbox Exhibition @Hypercube, Lisbon, Portugal

Happy to announce !!
Extend the show until 6 JUN!!
Please don’t miss it!!


The artist of Post Box Exhibition’s 3rd edition.
Installation Artwork “SETSUNA” for the #postboxexhibitions at #hypercubespace

Looking forward to seeing you at the opening event on Thursday, 6th of May !


My artwork shortlisted for First edition of The Post Box Exhibitions
@Hypercube, Lisbon , Portugal.
Hypercube have selected as shortlisted artists between over 150 applicatio


-Prelude- Nakanojo Biennale 2021 // 30th APR~2th MAY 2021 @ Nakanojo, Gunma, Japan


  • 旧廣盛酒造 Former Hirozakari Brewery 群馬県吾妻郡中之条町大字中之条町909-16 GoogleMap
  • イサマムラ Isamamura 群馬県吾妻郡中之条町五反田3534-4 GoogleMap
  • 伊参スタジオ Isama Studio Park 群馬県吾妻郡中之条町五反田3527-5 GoogleMap

New Installation Permanent Artwork ”Line 線”continue to multiply (15-22th APR. 6-12th MAY) @ tamaki niime lab, Nishiwaki- City, Hyogo, JAPAN.

”Line 線” Installation artwork will continue to multiply from 15th APR 2021.
Artwork will multiply forever @tamaki niime lab.

I created artwork ” Line ” at @tamakiniime lab.
First section done on 23, 26th MAR 202
Second section done on 15-22 APR 2021

ALL collaborate with tamaki niime

 “ Line 線” (English statement is below the Japanese

『線』 = ものの考えや、行動の方向性や、道筋。という言語解釈も含め、以下のプロセスによる空間構築。
点から点への最短線=直線を紙の上に描きます。短時間に描く行為・何千枚もの紙の上で、 繰り返されるこの動作は、行動の方向性と、 刹那=0.013 秒という時間軸を説くことになります。(仏教思想では『刹那』=時間を表す最小単位。 1 刹那とは、およそ75/1 秒=0.013 秒です。) それは 、意識的に感じ取る事の難しい短い時間ですが、この世のすべての生命が、誕生、生と死=生成消滅のサイクルを、この一刹那ごとに無限に繰り返ししていると説かれています 。
次に、直線のある紙を、くしゃくしゃにします。 描かれた直線=点から点への最短線の間 に、不規則な点が現れる=人生における紆余曲折のあることを意味します。くしゃくしゃになる事は、破壊ではなく、直線を曲線へ・平面を立体に、単純で穏やかなはずの時間の流れが、現代社会の複雑さを生む様を、比喩し、視覚化するプロセスです。
描き、滅す・・・・が、刹那ごとに繰り返され、過ぎた刹那の痕跡が既に残る空間の壁面、天井、床を無常に埋めます。物事の無常性と、 自己を含む刹那生滅の概念を含めて、 オーディエンスがそれらを、体感経験できるインスタレーションです。

Line is a performative installation that incorporates a transformation from 2D drawing to 3D installation.

We are repeating the endless cycle of birth, life and death each ksana (setsuna), every 0.013second

Line as a manner of thinking…

First act is of drawing a simple straight line on paper, the shortest distance between one point and another, in one quick short stroke. This action, repeated thousands of times on thousands of sheets of paper represents the axis of “ksana” (“setsuna”), a moment. In Buddhism, the Sanskrit word ksana is a measure of time (setsuna in Japanese). It is approximately one seventy-fifth of a second, i.e. 0.013s, such a small amount of time that it eludes our conscious awareness. It is believed that the cycle of birth, life and death recurs endlessly within the space of one ksana.

The next act is crumpling the paper. This process, halfway to destruction, creates additional irregular points along the drawn lines. This crumpling alludes to the infinitely complicated dealings or circumstances that always happen in the relatively tiny period of a human life circulation. But if there is a moment of spreading that crumpled paper, we might realise that the straight line can be multiply reshaped; that the crumpling is not destructive, but part of a process that ultimately allows a straight line to be reborn as a curve; that we can conceptualise “Anicca” (impermanence), the Buddhist belief that all things, including the self, are impermanent and constantly changing.

Nakanojo Biennale 2021 // 11th SEP~11 OCT 2021 @ Nakanojo, Gunma, Japan


Artists live and create on this land and make their own platforms, many new human connections will be born. A big art event with creations by artists and local residents, “The 8th Nakanojo Biennale” will begin soon.


Open Days of the art festival:

Saturday, September 11 – Monday, October 11, 2021 (National Holiday)
*open every day for 31 days


At Gunma Prefecture, Nakanojo town.
Five areas of Nakanojo Town: Nakanojo Isemachi, Isama, Shima Onsen, Sawatari Kuresaka, and Kuni. Venues include shopping streets, onsen towns, wooden school buildings, and old Japanese-style houses.


• 1,500 yen on the day
• Free for high school students and younger

Contact us

Office of Nakanojo Biennale
TEL: +81-279-75-3320 (Japanese only, during weekday from 9a.m. to 5p.m. UTC+9 )
MAIL: office@nakanojo-biennale.com
Address: 〒377-0432 (Postcoode)
Gunma-ken, Agatsuma-gun, Nakanojo-machi, Gotanda 3534-4 Japan

New Installation Permanent Artwork ”自分 Jibun”@ Secret Venue, Nishiwaki- City, Hyogo, JAPAN.

”自分 Jibun”
@ Secret Venue, Nishiwaki- City, Hyogo, JAPAN.
Cooperate & Support by tamaki niime

Photo from

The Japanese notation for “self” is a combination of two kanji characters.

The first is , “自” in the meaning of nature.
The second is “分”, which means the alter ego.

The natural alter ego is called “自分”

Riding the wind naturally, putting my way of life as a natural alter ego here in native place.   I keep to ride the wind ..



Exhibition “刹那刹那に” 16 FEB-2 APR@tö, Tokyo, Japan

First Art Exhibition @Eyewear Stylist Hiromi To ‘s Optical Shop 『 tö  』

16 FEB-APR 2021
Venue: 1/F, 2-6-21. Shinmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0014
Tel: 03-6670-4499
Email: info@to-o.co
『 tö  』open by appointment only.


You can enjoy my work from outside without appointment