” AA space” conceptual space

AA space is an art space run by Ayumi Adachi, who is Japanese artist creativity and  life in Hong Kong since 1996.

Due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, I felt that I had been given the opportunity to seriously consider the possibility of exhibiting and presenting artwork.

The desires of the artist expand ever more any situation.  I understand perfectly well. Therefore, AA space has more positive possibilities ideas which is a great potential in society with the internet nowadays.

” I’m going to see the exhibition” shattered, and “The exhibition approaches you by itself.” It’s some type of performance. We cannot turn our eyes away from such mobility systems.

The artwork does not have any common sense in this Space and Artist , The audience can also see the artwork from a new perspective.

I am hopeful that different people who transcend borders will have new experiences.

Please E-mail to me, if you are interested in this space and the concept for exposing or appreciating the exhibition.
007ayumi@gmail.com ( Ayumi Adachi)

*This space inspire from the concept of Space Yuu. (https://www.instagram.com/space_yuu/)
Space Yuu agree with AAspace.

For more details of spaces, please refer to the below.

Why call AA space? :

The first A of  logo is the the proto-Sinaitic letter (1850 B.C) . 
Second A is a regular of today.

The letter A corresponds to the first letter on the alphabet.
It is derived from the first letter of the proto-Sinaitic alphabet: the aleph, which means an ox in Semitic languages.

The ox is the premier sign, because it represents “strength,” the energy that is so important for living, for agriculture, for transport, the elemental energy that sets everything in motion, which change from being in existence.

I named “Space AA” not just because it’s the initials of my name “AYUMI ADACHI”.
That makes such a strong point.

On going Show

Group Show
20th JUN ~ 4th JUL 2022


Passed Show

Ayumi Adachi Solo Show
22th MAY~19th JUN 2022


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