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「剎那」 =0.013 seconds 0.013 seconds, passed in the blink of an eye.

In a series of natural and spontaneous changes, the multiple of numerous 0.013 seconds forms the natural flow of life: “born, live, die”.

Ayumi ADACHI, the Hong Kong based Japanese artist come to the city years ago and is fascinated by its fast pace of life as well as the interesting mixture of cultures, people and places, all squeezed together.

The silver shinning windows of the modern office buildings exist ironically with the nature while people live as is peacefully in the packed spaces. The feeling gets even stronger when seeing things come out and up rapidly and admiring the wonders of a sunset and the beauty of the moonrise in this dynamic urban city. Such “mismatch” and “paradox” turn a remarkable impression to Ayumi as well as to her creativity in art.

She realizes that everything including art is founded none other than the generative wheel of life – “born, live, die”. Artwork concept never ends which an idea is generated, developed and reborn one after one. Ayumi found extremely interested in the process how a previous idea comes to the nearly end and a new intention comes up just afterward.

Ayumi then picked up the paintbrush writing Japanese character and drawing dots repeatedly on the canvas. The form of words and outline of the circles were gradually disappeared and transformed as per the extending and overlapping strokes.   This shares the common ground for the formation of our subconscious mind. On the other hand, Ayumi has applied very fine and gentle strokes on the papers capturing those extremely thin films of fragile soap bubbles. The bubbles that last for only a few seconds before bursting reminds us the fleeting glance of life.

 “0.013 Seconds” could be one of the most vivid and luscious collection of Ayumi in which each of the paintings presents an independent reality, a world that is dependent on our real world composed of numerous 0.0.13 seconds yet is separate from it. Let’s enjoy the fleeting of glance featured on Ayumi’s collection and feel the moments.


Note: 0.013 Seconds, the concept comes from Buddhism which is equivalent to Sanskrit ksaṇa (क्षण) explaining an idea of the moment and a very short acceleration of time.

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