Solo Show ”Line 線” @ Hidden space , Hong Kong, 12-27 JAN, 2019

Solo Show “Line 線”

12-27 JAN 2019  Thursday – Sunday 1-6PM


Wander through, lie on the floor, peer through the gaps… your call. Thanks for coming

Posted by Hidden Space on Saturday, January 12, 2019

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Unit 6, 16/F,Block A, Wah Tat Industrial Centre

8-10 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Hing , Hong Kong


Kwai Hing MTR Exit E

Go to KCC G/F and exit left onto Tai Lin Pai Road, turn right onto Kung Yip Street and Wah Sing Street is on the left. (7 minutes walk)



Line 線

Ayumi Adachi Solo Exhibition

12-27 January 2019

Opening: Saturday 12 January, 5-8pm

Hidden Space, Unit 6, 16/F. Block A, Wah Tat Industrial Centre, 8-10 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Hing, Hong Kong

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 1-6pm
Or by appointment: or fb message

Hidden Space is pleased to present Line, a solo exhibition by Ayumi ADACHI (JP). Line is a performative installation that incorporates a transformation from 2D drawing to 3D installation.

We are repeating the endless cycle of birth, life and death each ksana (setsuna), every 0.013second

Line as a manner of thinking…

Adachi’s first act is of drawing a simple straight line on paper, the shortest distance between one point and another, in one quick short stroke. This action, repeated thousands of times on thousands of sheets of paper represents the axis of “ksana” (“setsuna”), a moment. In Buddhism, the Sanskrit word ksana is a measure of time (setsuna in Japanese). It is approximately one seventy-fifth of a second, i.e. 0.013s, such a small amount of time that it eludes our conscious awareness. It is believed that the cycle of birth, life and death recurs endlessly within the space of one ksana.

The next act is crumpling the paper. This process, halfway to destruction, creates additional irregular points along the drawn lines. This crumpling alludes to the infinitely complicated dealings or circumstances that always happen in the relatively tiny period of a human life circulation. But if there is a moment of spreading that crumpled paper, we might realise that the straight line can be multiply reshaped; that the crumpling is not destructive, but part of a process that ultimately allows a straight line to be reborn as a curve; that we can conceptualise “Anicca” (impermanence), the Buddhist belief that all things, including the self, are impermanent and constantly changing.


Ayumi ADACHI (JP) was born in Hyogo, Japan and received her BFA from Osaka University of Arts, Japan in 1994. She has been based in Hong Kong since 1996.

In her practice she engages with motifs that represent the regular and the irregular, the circulation and repetition of time frames as metaphors for influence on human life cycles. She is particularly interested in the Buddhist interpretation of the cycle of reincarnation: birth, death and rebirth. Her body of work ranges from large-scale immersive installations to individual paintings on shaped mirrors.

Adachi has exhibited widely in Japan as well as Shanghai, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Her work has been included in numerous international art fairs since 2010 including the Korean International Art Fair (KIAF), Asia Contemporary Art Show (HK) and the Affordable Art Fair (HK). Her artworks have been acquired by a number of public and private collections.

Ayumi ADACHI個人展

開放時間:星期四至六 下午1時至6時
地址:Hidden Space 香港葵涌華星街8-10號華達工業中心A座16樓06室

Hidden Space呈獻Ayumi ADACHI個人展《線》。《線》是一個含有表演元素,將平面的繪畫轉化成立體的裝置藝術。嘗試實現佛教概念裹,一刹那當中不停重複的生命循環。

線是一種思想的模式。Adachi首先在紙上畫一條直線,從一點快速連接到另一點,再把這個動作重複千次。這個行為好比刹那( Ksana)。 Ksana來自梵語,是佛教其中一個概念。生命循環包含出生,死亡和重生。這樣的生命週期無限期地重複發生在刹那,亦即是 0.013秒裡。第二部分是把畫了線的紙摺合、壓皺,讓不同的線連接起來。Adachi認為當前的世界很難用簡單的方式表達。世間一切有關連,一切似乎搞亂了, 混沌而複雜,規律又不規律,通通都是美麗的,令人著迷。
Ayumi ADACHI(日本)生於日本的兵庫縣,並在大阪藝術大學畢業。1996年移居香港。


Adachi 自1992年起,分別於兵庫縣、大阪、東京、京都、上海、澳門、台灣及香港等多個地方舉行展覽。2010年起,她的作品於 Korean International Art Fair (KIAF)、亞洲當代藝術展、Affordable Art Fair (香港) 等多個大型藝術展覽中展出。作品成為香港四季酒店、香格里拉大酒店(香港、東京及中國)、中國花都喜來登酒店及中國廣州御寶軒中餐廳的永久珍藏。


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