Free Art Fair 台北藝術自由日 6.7.8 APR 2018 @Taipei, 松山文創園區

My new installation attend on Free Art Fair 台北藝術自由日

6.7.8 APR 2018

@Taipei, 松山文創園區

Exhibitor List AYUMI ADACHI

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波紋 – 呼吸




每一刻(1刹那=0.013“), 我們都在循環著「出生和生存、死亡」。










Ripple – Breath

“Ksana” is always core of my art work. Since 2015, large-scale installation had created spatial structure by bubble shape “Tetrakaidecahedron” in white wire and combination with mirror, sound, lighting and shadow effect, illustrating the Buddhist doctrines.

Ripple of water develop in a form of movement symbolises things in a state of flux through the endless life circle in our world and harmonious human life.


Each moment (Ksana=0.013”), We are repeating the endless “born live, die”.

After breathing out the air, if we cannot breathe in, we will die.

If we don’t breathe in after breathing out, we would not have live anymore.

“Breath” has a symbolic meaning endless life circle in our impermanent world and life.


The installation this time consists of mirror columns and expresses “water ripple” by circle shape mirror with reflection effect. And furthermore, sound and echo effect that is the breathing, water drop, human heartbeat etc. is also included to heighten audible experience.

Artwork will have a more physical feeling, audience can feel and get our world is very hard to explain by simple way. Everything looks like chaos and complicated but everything relates to everything, we should therefore be living on this world with continuously and circulating breath.


[ Ksana = 0.013 seconds] is a Buddhist concept, i.e. Sanskrit “Ksana” explains an idea of a moment (a very short acceleration time). And, this conscious of humans recurring “birth, death and rebirth “ cycle loop occurs in one Ksana, which is 0.013 seconds.

[Tetrakaidecahedron] is polyhedron studied in conjunction with foams and minimal surface area, space-filling shapes. Tetrakaidecahedron has 14 faces. (6 quadrilateral and 8 hexagonal) by Lord Kelvin (1824~1907)

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