Solo Exhibition “Setsuna 刹那 ” @Razklon Gallery, Republic of Bulgaria. 9 OCT – 6 NOV, 2020

Solo Show “Setsuna 刹那 “
@Razklon Gallery, Republic of Bulgaria.
9 OCT – 6 NOV, 2020

Review :
by Seiki Mori


Setsuna 刹那
Tracing paper, black marker
In Buddhism, the Sanskrit word ‘ksana’ represents a tiny unit of time eluding our conscious awareness while within it, a lot happens. In each ksana of approximately 0.013 seconds, the ‘born, live, die’ cycle loops in human consciousness.
Setsuna 刹那 (Japanese for ‘ksana’) is an installation transforming individual drawings into a three-dimensional object. The drawings made on translucent paper show straight lines representing a time axis. Crumpled into a ball and folded open again, the paper shows a physical memory of the crumpling. Straight lines are reborn from curves. 
The process of crumpling and straightening the paper is repeated until the showcase is completely filled up, allowing for the visual interweaving of individual drawings. The interlacing of lines represents the complex events in life happening during each setsuna. The clear glass of the showcase symbolises the perceptive human mind containing the accumulation of time, experience, knowledge, history and emotions.

Special Video : End of show……..