Daily Creative project “21 days” 19 MAY ~ 8 JUN 2021 @Hong Kong and JAPAN, collaboration with kijinichijo

Daily Creative project
“21 days”
19 MAY ~ 8 JUN 2021
@Hong Kong and JAPAN
Collaboration with kijinichijo

Kijinichijo @shimizu_nichijo 

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Homage 崇敬

Homage 崇敬

Paper, Ink jet-Print, Watercolor, Mixed media

210X297mm (each)



Statement of  Homage 崇敬 ( Show at  V54 )

「Line 線」社區藝術展覽原定於今年二月舉行,但由於疫情關係(COVID-19)而推遲了四個月。此刻可以重新舉辦,感覺像奇蹟出現。


一種是平面作品。我留意到動植物界的生活似乎安然無恙,在人們叫苦的日子裡悠閑依然,就像「只有人類認為這個世界有所改變」的感覺。一方面我嫉妒,但另一方面也對那些靜靜生活的動植物致敬,為此創作水彩畫除了源自我個人素描習作外,靈感亦來自恩斯特·海克爾(Ernst Haeckel)科學著作「自然界的藝術形態」(1)。




(1)恩斯特·海克爾(Ernst Haeckel,1834至1919年)生於波茨坦卒於耶拿德國生物學家博物學家哲學家藝術家。海克爾認為生物學在許多方面與藝術類似,例如自然界中的對稱,而單細胞生物中的放射蟲對他的藝術天賦也有很大啟發。尤其著名的是他畫的浮游生物水母的畫,這些圖畫生動地體現了生物世界的美。不論是在他的學術著作還是在他的科普著作中,都畫有優美的插圖。他的圖畫對20世紀初的藝術也有影響。他還描述了上百新的物種。此外他引入了使用演化樹來描寫生物學中的進化關係的表示方式。


Originally in February this year, the community arts exhibition of Line was postponed due to the COVID-19. It feels like a miracle that the exhibition can be opened NOW.

Our world has changed in just 4 months with experience that made us to think of the MOMENT and MOMENT. At now, I suppose I have to be grateful for some of these experiences that purified world. I created new style artworks with cluster and pieces of memories of Setsuna, while the experience of these few months inspired in one space where you can feel and think of Past, Now, and Future is incorporated.

In this room, there are two types of artwork which created under the emotional moment encountered in this few months.

One is the two-dimensional work that expresses the feeling which only humans may think the world has changed. In the same space, animals and plants seem like spending in peaceful time every day while human are in hard time.  On the one hand I have jealous, but also pay homage to plant and animal that live quietly. Those watercolor artworks are based on my sketches and Ernst Haeckel’s biological sketches of Art Forms of Nature (1) .

Another is the three-dimensional work expressing unconsciousness and consciousness’s adherence which I feel very strongly that the world made by all unconscious from my recent experience.

In this way, the space where the unconscious memories filled with lumps and fragments of thoughts that came to me are exhibited slowly, you can feel and think about Past, Present and Future.


(1) Ernst Haeckel (1834 – 1919) was a German zoologistnaturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, marine biologist, and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including ecology, phylum and phylogeny. The published artwork of Haeckel includes over 100 detailed, multi-colour illustrations of animals and sea creatures, collected in his Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature).