Group show ” 呯嘭嘩!問你驚唔驚? Bing Ba Wa! Are you scared?】 ” @ 愛不同藝術 i-dArt (Hong Kong), 21th MAY~28th AUG, 2022

【呯嘭嘩!問你驚唔驚?💥 Bing Ba Wa! Are you scared?】

胡李名靜藝廊 i-dArt – Kitty WOO Gallery
📍 灣仔摩理臣山道78號地下永祥大廈後舖
Back Shop, G/F, Wing Cheung Mansion, 78 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai
21th MAY~28th AUG, 2022
⏰ 11:30-19:00
(逢星期一及公眾假期休息 Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays)

”Through the Clouds…” Online exhibition from February 25, 2022 @Global

Online exhibition from February 25, 2022

Curators: Catalina Aranguren,  Mary Waltham, Sonya Lee

What do you see through the clouds? Blue skies, an opening up to colorful fun times, jesters, jokers, party-time? Feeling positive about the other side of the clouds, going places, seeing new things? What does your sunny-side conjure up that visually interprets “…through the clouds”.

Co-curated by Sonya Lee, Catalina Aranguren and Mary Waltham the exhibition showcases 36 international artists from 16 countries.

A first collaboration with Walk Bye a truly complimentary public art partner and social media platform based in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

(The curators participated but naturally did not jury their own work.)

The group exhibition ”final wks. 祭 平面展” 15 DEC ~25 DEC @Gallery wks., Osaka, Japan

final wks. 祭 平面展

日休/12:00~19:00 土曜•最終日は17:00まで
中之島ロイヤルハイツ11F 1103
tel. 06-6363-2206

My new 2D artwork join to this show!

The sunlight filters through the trees

30cm Ø X 2cm(D)

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


木々、風、日光、刹那(1) が風景とともに、相互作用することによって形成される光と影の動き。日本人はこの出来事を表す独特の言葉「こもれび」を持っています。








The movement of light and shadows formed by the interplay of trees, wind , sunlight and Setsuna (1) on the landscape. The Japanese have unique word “komorebi” to describe this natural phenomenon.


*There is no similar word other than Japanese. This Artwork title is the English translation of “Komorebi”.

*The “komorebi” projected on the ground has the same round shape as the sun, and is not affected by the shape of the gaps between the leaves where the sunlight enters. This is the same principle as a pinhole camera.

(1) “Setsuna” is Japanese pronounce of Ksana (see note 2).

(2)[ Ksana (setsuna) = 0.013 seconds]

In Buddhism, they use a Sanskrit word “ksana” to measure time, which is a tiny unit of time.  Such a small amount of time that all kinds of things happen eludes our conscious awareness.  And this amount of time is approximately one seventy-fifth of a second, i.e. 0.013s.  In each 0.013 second (= ksana),  “Born, Live, Die” loop cycles keep recurring in human consciousness in one Ksana = 0.013 second.

The group exhibition ‘Outside the Box’ curated by artist Özge Topçu 12 Nov ~6 DEC ( during Lisbon art weekend) @hyper cube space, Lisbon,Portugal

Save the date for November 12th,
opening day of Outside the Box exhibition after the journey of one year.

Meet the artists in the zoomcall and join us in the opening event during @lisbonartweekend 
on November 12th evening !

The group exhibition ‘Outside the Box’ curated by artist Özge Topçu.

Tobias Becker (Germany)
Sorcha McNamara (Ireland)
Ayumi Adachi (Japan)
Beril Gur (Turkey)
Susana Moreira (Portugal)
Nadia Frolova (Russia)
 Dr Formalist. (Spain) 
Erdal İnci (Turkey)
Omar Lavalle (Peru)

ART IS PLAY @ MGM macau 27 JUN-9 SEP, 2018

This summer, immerse in art’s playful side!

See you at MGM Art Space in Macau Peninsula from Jun 27 – Sep 9.
Stay tuned for ticket availability.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.40.42 PM.png


Spring Break Fair @ HAJI Gallery, Hong Kong


March 29 – April 01, 2013 (Easter Public Holidays) HAJI. G/F, 12-14 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (上環樂古道12-14號地下)1:00-8:00 everyday during Easter Holiday.

HAJIギャラリーでのSpring Break Fair に参加します。文化交流の一つとして、復活祭の4連休に開催されます。生活の中にアートを、、、作品や、グッズの展示販売です




四季交易會Spring Break Fair at HAJI 一個文化交流和創意交易的約會,一連四日在復活節期間,把你的作品、收藏、品味展示及銷售,賣掉回憶,買入生活藝術。四目交投活躍在HAJI。 (特別鳴謝香港兆基創意書院提供學生桌)

Spring Break Fair at HAJI Easter Holiday is always a good time to express our gratitude and prepare to meet new challenge with renewed energy. Sell you ideas and buy your lifestyles. (Special thanks to HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity for providing the student desks during the fair)

Participants: (in alphabetical order)

Ayumi Adachi

Dotty Forest

J Jillian Kwan

KK Chau

Marcus Suen

Ricky Cheng

小羊 Venus