”Through the Clouds…” Online exhibition from February 25, 2022 @Global

Online exhibition from February 25, 2022



Curators: Catalina Aranguren,  Mary Waltham, Sonya Lee

What do you see through the clouds? Blue skies, an opening up to colorful fun times, jesters, jokers, party-time? Feeling positive about the other side of the clouds, going places, seeing new things? What does your sunny-side conjure up that visually interprets “…through the clouds”.

Co-curated by Sonya Lee, Catalina Aranguren and Mary Waltham the exhibition showcases 36 international artists from 16 countries.

A first collaboration with Walk Bye a truly complimentary public art partner and social media platform based in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

(The curators participated but naturally did not jury their own work.)

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