A mini interview Posted by Damaris. Athene

A mini interview by Private view of Damaris. Athene on Instagram @private.view.blog

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Pick three words to describe yourself 
– Nature
– Setsuna
– Dot

Describe your practice in three words 
– Setsuna
– Nature
– Leave

Name three artists who inspire you 
– Rei Naito
– Yasuaki Onishi
– Tara Donovan

Image details:
1. Line, 2019, Tracing paper and black marker pen, 5m x 10m x 3.5m

2. White noise, 2018, White wire, 12m x 12m x 3.5m

3. Influence, 2018, White wire, 7.8m x 6.1m x 2.8m.

Artist Statement & Bio:
“Ayumi Adachi (JP) was born in Hyogo, Japan and received her BFA from Osaka University of Arts, Japan in 1994. She has been based in Hong Kong since 1996. In her practice she engages with motifs that represent the regular and the irregular, the circulation and repetition of time frames as metaphors for influence on human life cycles. She is particularly interested in the Buddhist interpretation of the cycle of reincarnation: birth, death and rebirth. Her body of work ranges from large-scale immersive installations to individual paintings on shaped mirrors. Adachi has exhibited widely in Japan as well as Shanghai, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Hong Kong. Her work has been included in numerous international art fairs since 2010. Her artworks have been acquired by a number of public and private collections.”

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