Video Artwork ” Line ” screening on D-Normal/V-essay expanded program in June 《平地數碼》六月膨脹學習見面系列 @19 JUN 2021ine” screening

My Video Artwork “Line ” screening

Dn/Ve screenings  on 19 June 2021 @ Floating Projects (JCCAC)

here’s the event detail:

Screening Brushstrokes #1 放映不足(一)12nn-2pm (19th June 2021 , GMT +8)

  1. [Round 1] Klaus Capra: l’altro cielo (dream warrior) | 2m38s
  2. [Round 1] LI Bin David 李彬 : i am also here “FDF” 我也在這 “FDF” | 3m12s 
  3. [Round 1] WONG Sin 汪倩 : Wander to here 散步到了這裏 | 3m40s
  4. [Round 3] Teresa LEUNG : Three episodes of urban hiccups: Jump, walk, kick 都市三集: 跳、走、踢| 6m10s
  5. [Round 1] ZHENG Tianyi 鄭天依 : When the kite has no wind 當風箏沒有風 | 5m7s
  6. [Round 3] 徐皓霖 Hou Lam Tsui :  bae, I’m so sad bb 我真係好傷心呀| 35s
  7. [Round 1] 黃點點/藍釦子 Yellow dot dot/BLUE BUTTON : Be recognized as a person 被承認為一個人 | 2m8s
  8. [Round 3] Thomas LEUNG : What are lucky 幸運是你| 4m52s
  9. [Round 2] Joshua McGregor :Opera of the Kettle | 5m03s
  10. [Round 3] Heidi E Cooper Bassam : âbi | 4m23s
  11. [Round 2] CHEUNG Yan-yi 張欣怡 : Daddy’s Foot corn 啊爸嘅雞眼| 4m 05s
  12. [Round 2] Wai Yue NG : White Wine Black Coffee| 1m33s
  13. [Round 3] Claudius Dorner: a hole in the sky | 3m5s6
  14. [Round 3] Ayumi ADACHI : Line | 9m 20s

Total Run time: 58m

We will go through all these video and start chatting afterwards.

Here’s the online conferencing link.   the zoom room will open on 19th June (Sat) 1pm GMT+8  Some of you are coming to our space.  but some of you can only join online chatting session .

12nn – 2pm 
Special Selection by FPC jurors, with participating video essayists meeting the audience, convened by John Chow 周皓風主持

D-Normal/V-Essay committed to ADC’s Arts Go Digital 3 editions of on-line video zine with Issue #3 in preparation, to be uploaded on 30 June. As a meaningful extension to encourage more friends to embrace creative expression with images and sounds, June will be a learning season for a variety of of interest:

《平地數碼》網上錄像誌,承香港藝術發展局 Arts Go Digital 藝術D平臺的支助,共三季出版公開徵集、鼓勵發表的錄像文章,第三輯已在整理當中,將於6月30日準時上載。與此同時,為鼓勵錄影文章成為更廣泛的表述方式,6月份將陸續有多個見面活動,打開影像和聲音在創作表述上多姿多彩的可能性。請考慮參與以下的活動。

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