Grimoire.Fanzine Volume 3 Issued on 25th OCT Page 1.2.3 “Line ” @Tunisia

My artwork ” Line ” on Grimoire fanzine Volume 3 ( issued on 25th OCT 2020).
Please check the page 1.2.3.

Grimoire is a free fanzine in its digital form a disturbing, provocative content, between reality and fiction, between the visible and the invisible.

In Buddhism, the Sanskrit word ‘ksana’ represents a tiny unit of time eluding our conscious awareness while within it, a lot happens. In each ksana of approximately 0.013 seconds, the ‘born, live, die’ cycle loops in human consciousness.

“Line”  is an installation using repurposed material and experience from previous projects to transform individual drawings into a three-dimensional object.

The interlacing of lines represents the complex events in life that happen during each setsuna.

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