Great finished : Solo Show “有りのまま・as is ・映jeng” 7-29 Nov,2014 @ Pubart gallery, Hong Kong

My solo show 2014″ As is ” completed on 29th NOV.

Thank you for visit and enjoy my artwork .

I always creative art pcs to future too.

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Final ありのまま4

Final ありのまま Back

Solo Show “有りのまま・as is・映jeng”
7-29 NOV 2014

Venue is

Show Statement/ English & Chinese & Japanese

有りのまま・as is・映 jeng

PubArt Gallery is pleased to present “as is”, a solo painting exhibition of Hong Kong based Japanese artist AYUMI ADACHI features the paintings not only on canvas, but also on a new art medium– mirror effect.
AYUMI has been an artist since moving to Hong Kong in 1996. Having stayed in this dynamic urban city for 18 years, she soon found that we are in a time of apathy when most of us have lost our interest in or concern for things in the Nature. She is thus inspired to review her relationship between the human world and natural environment.
Nature, where trees, forests, birds and animals have not been substantially altered by human intervention always amazed AYUMI that she has never seen such a beauty in the world of our mankind. Mirror, the new medium AYUMI firstly exploited is found as a key to the physical world. The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for art creation. She then reviewed all her paintings carefully and spent a lot of time in developing a new artworks mixed with her previous paintings to form a new theme “As is”.
This is not a collection of still life but a reconnection of the Nature by applying a new medium and drawing techniques. The paintings of the exhibition “As is” are, in fact in flow which those presented on mirror and/or with mirror just as if the Nature being changed along with us (people who are seeing and touching them, and even the environment in which they are being placed).
AYUMI does not expect us, the urban people to set apart from the world, the world of science and technology. Instead, she encourages us to return and feel the beauty of Nature once again in her new exhibition.
The exhibition “As is” features what AYUMI has perceived the present state of the physical world as it is:
• Existence of nature including “ Moon, Star, Lights, Forest, Ocean, Water, Winds, …” that everything in universe touches my soul;
• Natural phenomenon and its environment;
• Relationship between nature and human;
• Styles and methods in art

PubArt Gallery 將與居港的日本藝術家 AYUMI ADACHI 合作,舉辦一個名為「映」的個人畫展。是次展覽除了展出一系列畫布創作外,AYUMI 更首次利用鏡子反射的特質,來創作一些新的混合媒體作品。

AYUMI 自1996年來香港從事藝術創作至今。身處這個石屎森林的香港足足18年的她,深深感受到都市與大自然界的抗衡。她很快就留意到,我們正處於一個冷漠的年代,大多數的人對四周環境都失去興趣與關心,每天只顧埋首工作及拼博。這些種種,都啟發了AYUMI 去重新檢視人類與自然環境的關係。

大自然,那沒有被人類干預的純天然世界,一直令AYUMI 驚訝不已。她覺得,當中的一花一草一鳥一動物,均獨一無異,各具美態,絕不可能在人類世界中找尋得來。而鏡子,一種 AYUMI 首次試驗的創作媒體,就是一把通往大自然的鑰匙。鏡子不單反「映」現實,亦是藝術創作的完美工具。她細心地回顧她從前的所有作品,且花了很多時間跟心血在舊有作品上注入全新的原素,成為了是次展覽的主題 「映」。

這裡展出的不是寫生繪畫,而是AYUMI 用上新藝術媒體介面與創作手法而得來一系列回歸大自然的心靈創作。這個展覽的部分畫作本身就會如「映」隨形,因著不同環境跟觀看的人們而變化,就正如大自然一樣,因我們而變動、因為我們的一舉一動而氣象萬千。


展覽「映」就正正是AYUMI 與自然界的一個心的「映」照之旅:

• 自然界的存在,當中包括了月、星、光、森林、海、水、風… 等等,一切滋養著我們心靈的宇宙萬物;
• 自然現象和其產生出來的環境;
• 自然與人類的關係;
• 藝術的表達方式與風格

パブアートギャラリーでは、香港を拠点に活動するアーティスト・足立あゆみの “鏡”を素材にした新作を含む個展 “有りのまま” を開催します。



*心に響く、 月・星・ 光・ 森林・ 海・水・ 風・・・


“ありのまま” なのです。

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